Objectives Objectives


Purposes of Federal Housing Corporation

The purposes for which the Corporation is established are:

  1. To construct, cause to contract, rent out, sell or buy up on special decision houses that may be used for different services;
  2. To administer and rent out federal government owned houses and possessions;
  3. To carry out necessary maintenance and repair works to preserve and protect government owned houses;
  4. To make sure that the government owned houses and possessions are legally registered and protected;
  5. To devise modern management systems which enables effective administration of federal government houses and implement same;
  6. To prevent illegal action against government owned houses and possessions to ensure the interest of government and take all necessary lawful measures;
  7. To construct and rent out houses for government officials and employees; in accordance with government direction and budget out lays;
  8. To study and implement the rental rate of houses and possessions under its control;
  9. To undertake studies on the valuation relating to government houses which the government has decided to sell and collect proceedings there from;
  10. To transfer houses and possessions which are not convenient for administration, re-development and have least rental incomes, up on government decision;
  11. To pay allowance to former owners of nationalized houses in accordance with the law;
  12. To conduct and implement researches related with house administration and development, up on approval by the government;
  13. To make studies and forward proposals to get financial, technological and modern administrative inputs to be competitive and profitable at domestic level based on the directions given by the supervising authorities;
  14. To undertake any other related activities necessary for the attainment of its purposes.